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  Gamebore Shotgun Cartridges In Stock

22 Rimfire Ammo In stock

CCI Mini Mag 22lr

CCI Standard 22lr

CCI Blazer 22lr 

CCI Subsonic 22lr

Remington Golden 22lr

Remington Target 22lr 

Remington Subsonic 22lr

Remington Thunderbolt 22lr

Sellier & Bellot Ammunition 

12g Slug Perfect For Practical Shotgun

In Stock

simply 12g slug

Today Sellier and Bellot produce ammunition using high quality components which is the choice of hunters, competitive shooters, law enforcement agencies and militaries around the world. This ammunition is a new production, non-corrosive.Perfect for practical shotgun

simply slug12g 1oz 28g Special Sport Slug In Stock (25 Per Box) 

Muzzle Velocity: 1345 fps 

simply slug 32g Special Slug Available (5 Per Box) 

12g Slug- Section 1 Authorisation Required As If You Didn`t Already Know...

FMJ, Hunting & Surplus Ammunition

PPU Ammunition Stockists , Surplus Ammunition and Lee Reloading Equipment
Unless stated, it is in stock.....

ppu stockists simply ammo              Surplus Ammo         simply ammo click


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sellior & bellot
Sellior & Bellot Ammunition Latest Arrivals  In Stock 
 9 x 19mm 115g FMJ  
223 (5.56) 55g FMJ  

303 180g FMJ
7mm Rem Mag SP
8mm 198g FMJ
357 Magnum 158g RNFP Lead
38 Spl RNFP Lead
338 Lapua Magnum 300g FMJ
Sellier & Bellot Primers  

Reloading Propellant Powders InStock
Hodgdon, IMR, Alliant, Ramshot, Swiss Elcho 17 & TR140

             simply ammo imr powders
see full range

remington simply ammo New Powders Coming Soon

22 LR Rimfire Target / Plinking / Standard & HV
                            ****CCI Standard & CCI HV In Stock*****

See All Rimfire Ammo     simply ammo

**** Prvi PPU FMJ & SP Stockists****

PPU ammo stockists                  
      remington simply ammo.303 174g FMJ         remington simply ammo .308 145g FMJ    remington simply ammo 44 Magnum FMJ 

.303 Tracer Collectable ** Limited Availability **

Rare Collectable  .303 British Tracer Rounds 1953

Limited Quantity (Shocking Price) 1.10 per round

Head Stamp  F N 52 **See Surplus Ammunition Page**

Firearms Advertised on Gunstar  & www.simplyfirearms.co.uk

Shooting & Cleaning Products by

napier simply ammo

Special Offer 

Once fired 338 Lapua Magnum cases head stamp T 65.00 Per 100


Want to take up shooting!
Open days will be listed soon or call us for further information on local shooting clubs and organisations.
*Prices listed are subject to change, we reserve the right to change all prices if and when required.
Please Note Calling 0333 Numbers
The cost to call a 0333 number is the same as it would dialling a landline number from your carrier,but more importantly 0333 numbers are normally included in mobile network bundled minutes,
We would advise you to check with your carrier that 0333 numbers are included within your bundled minutes          

Latest Arrivals  |  www.simplyfirearms.co.uk

remington simply ammoRange Remington Shotguns

remington simply ammoMilitary Surplus and Factory Loaded.
remington simply ammo303 Bullet Heads In stock
remington simply ammoHowa 1500 Stainless  .308
remington simply ammoHowa 1500 Fluted in .243
Mosin Nagant M44 7.62x54r  
Surplus Ammunition.

 Ammunition    |    Simply Ammo..............

remington simply ammoCCI Mini Mag 22 LR -  In stock
remington simply ammoBlazer 22 LR  -  IN STOCK
remington simply ammoFederal Small Rifle Primers In stock
remington simply ammoFederal Small Pistol Primers In stock
remington simply ammo7.62 x 54r  -  Just In
remington simply ammo7.62  x 54r Tula - In stock
remington simply ammo7.62 x 39  - Tula Surplus In stock
remington simply ammo7.62 (308) Tracer Heads -In stock
remington simply ammo50 Cal M17 Tracer Heads New In stock
remington simply ammo50 Cal Primers  N/A
remington simply ammo 223 62g & 69g FMJ BT Heads In stock
remington simply ammo 223 55g FMJ BT Heads In stock
remington simply ammo 30 Cal 155g FMJ BT Match Heads 
50 Cal Ball (1990) Full Rounds 3.30 Per Round
7.62 x 51 Tracer Rounds - IN STOCK

PPU Ammunition Stockists

reloading simply ammo


surplus ammostockcci mini mah hollow point 40g22LR
CCI Mini Mag Hollow Point 40g

remington simply firearms

remington simply ammo
17 HMR Hornady 17g

Firearms Storage
Cost Effective
Secure Remote Monitored Firearms Storage
Latest  in modern caged and gun safe storage
Contact Us For Further Details


remington custom rifles

simply ammo ramshot powders
imr powders






lee reloading


Polite Notice

Live firearms & Live Ammunition can only be purchased in store if you have authorisation to acquire a firearm or live ammunition however, all live firearms and ammunition can be sent directly to another registered firearms dealer locally to you by secure courier for collection. Both firearms and live ammunition would need to be two seperate consignments.

Please ask your locally firearms dealer if it is ok to have a firearm/ammunition sent to them, some may refuse or charge you a fee for handling the firearm/ammunition

if in doubt give us a shout

0333 577 2666

Ammunition Shipping

We can ship live ammunition up to 1000 c/f rounds to any registered firearms dealer in the uk for 35.00 (ex Ni & Scotland)

Reloading Propellant Powders

Powder up to 10 Kilos 35.00

By secure courier next business day

Please call us with your requirements

Swiss TR140 & ELCHO 17 Stocked

New for 2014, Six new  powders being launched in the uk  2014


Reloading data available

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Shooting Clubs & Events

Want to shoot at longer ranges 100 - 1000 yrds +
Open Days and club details coming soon
NRA & NRASC Meets twice a month at Bisley
Clay Pigeon Shooting  
Please mention Simply Firearms & Ammo when contacting the above organisations

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